New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley, 200 years ago, grew up to become the largest cotton textile manufacturing area in the world. Nashua was one of several towns that blossomed along the Merrimack river to take advantage of water power in the early days of the industrial revolution.

The Nashua Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1823. The Jackson Manufacturing Company was incorporated in 1824 down the river at Jackson Falls Dam. The most notable mills of the day were the Merrimack mill (founded in 1821) in Lowell, MA,  where Kirk Boott was one of the founding leaders. The Amoskeg mill (founded in 1825) in "The Manchester of America", Manchester, NH, was one of the largest mills. It was these mills that formed the heart of this industrial valley.

Daniel Abbot was considered the founding father of Nashua, as it was he who renamed the town from Dunstable to Nashua in 1803. It was Daniel Abbot who, along with other local tradesmen of the time, bought up land along the Nashua river up to Mine Falls. With Asher Benjamin they designed and built the power canal and mill buildings that became the Nashua Manufacturing Company. They modelled their plans on the success at Lowell. They were highly successful, from 1824 for the next four years, the town grew from 100 to 1200 people. By 1836, with the opening of mill No3, Nashua Manufacturing Co. has 32,000 spindles, 710 looms and producing more than 9m yards of cotton annually.

In the same way the industrial revolution of the early 1900's bought prosperity to the region, a revolution in the 21st century is on the move in New England; Beer, Craft Beer. Just as water, community and innovation powered the industrial revolution over 150 years ago, again these same credentials are the source behind a growing beer industry in the North East.

If anything, Nashua is the heart and center of the Merrimack valley, what better place to start the Millyard Brewery. What better name than Millyard, one steeped in history, where many of your ancestors were pioneers that formed the communities we now live in. Where the Millyard Brewery and our beer will bring our history to life.

Pioneers once again.

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