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Wednesdays  from 6:30pm. 12 beers of tap, free Pizza. Grab some friends and come down to a friendly atmosphere.

Cresendo gate

Saturday 16th March from 5pm.  Live music.

Live teenage rock band. 

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the sequoias

Saturday 23rd February from 5pm.  Live music.

Blues, Jazz and rock guitar, all good, come listen these guys are good.

Jeff Mrozek

Saturday 9th March from 5pm.  Live music.

Live acoustic guitar and classic rock

dragon bone jam

Saturday 2nd March from 5pm.  Live music.

Dragon Bone Jam ("Rockin' the Blues New England-Style") is principally a blues/blues-rock/funk, somewhat jazz influenced power trio. https://www.bandmix.com/dragon-bone-jam/

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Wednesday - trivia from 6:30pm Trivia, beer and free pizza    

Every Saturday- live music from 5pm - 7pm

Comedy 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday of the month from 8pm, $20

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25 E. OtteRson Street, Nashua NH 03060